Enjoyable Shopping Experience

Welcome to Meet Wonderful Favourites, where we make shopping more enjoyable!
Our online personal shopping service is the perfect way to make sure you get the products you want.

From desire to delivery, we take care of it all


You can make product enquiries and other customer service enquiries online. Find out more on our Contact Us page.


To ensure that we can find the product you want, full payment is required in advance. This allows our buyers to focus on the task of sourcing.

Please be assured that payment is collected through a variety of trusted third-party payment platforms. You can contact us for direct bank transfer requests. For convenience, we recommend that buyers paying in RMB select the Globepay payment method.

If there is no way to find the product you want within the agreed time, we will refund the full amount.


Our buyers will source the product as soon as possible after receiving an order request.

This usually takes between 2-5 days, depending on the scarcity of the item, and usually the more scarce the item the longer the wait will be.

We will communicate with you promptly to find your favourites in the shortest possible time.

Quality Check

We will carefully check the quality of the purchased goods and take detailed photos for the customer via WeChat or WhatsApp, and the product will only be shipped if you are satisfied.


The goods will be shipped to the location you specify, typically through Royal Mail and DHL.

You will receive a tracking number via WeChat or WhatsApp, allowing you to monitor the delivery status and ensure timely receipt of your package.